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Read the FULL STORY of Canadian Entrepreneur, Joseph Marc Lalonde.

About Joseph Marc Lalonde


Entrepreneur 💰 Branding YOUniversity Founder 🎓 Zombiacs Founder 🧠 NFT Artist & Collector 🖼️ Online Marketer 🎯 Personal Branding Specialist 🚀 AI Enthusiast 🤖 Avid Reader 📚 Investor 🪙 Leader 😎 Speaker 🗣️ Computer Nerd 🤓 Personal Fitness Trainer 💪

Joseph Marc Lalonde (The Wealthy Trainer) speaking at a Personal Branding event 🎤

Joseph Marc Lalonde (The Wealthy Trainer) speaking at a Personal Branding event 🎤



Who is Joseph Marc Lalonde?

Marc (as everyone calls him) caught the “Entrepreneurial Bug” at 17 years old when he started selling Pet Food door-to-door.

Since then, Marc has experienced both extremes of life, going from being a successful Computer Consultant with several side-businesses, to falling into substance abuse, which led to him getting fired, going broke and becoming homeless. However, he was able to bounce back, earning a 7-figure income while helping thousands of people from around the globe to find financial freedom by doing what they love.

Since launching Branding YOUniversity™, Marc has helped Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Brokers, Authors, Actors, Musicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Industry-Specific Professionals, and of course, people with a specific Passion from around the globe brand themselves.


Marc’s purpose is to help people brand themselves as Leaders and Authorities in either their specific niche or in whatever their passion is while creating an income doing what they love.


📖 My Story: The Journey Thus Far


A Glimpse of the Beginning


Before I was 25 years old,

  • I grew up with both parents and one younger brother.

  • I was an extreme introvert until the age of 17.

  • I had 21 jobs from the ages of 17 to 25.

  • I attended College and University for over a decade, but never graduated from anything.

  • At 25 years old, I was completely lost and was thinking that my future wasn’t looking so good.

My Lack of Career Focus


A few of my Career Directions.

  • Without listing all 21 jobs, I’ll list off a few of the Industries I worked in.

  • I worked in Grocery several times.

  • I worked in Retail several times.

  • I worked in Warehouses several times.

  • I worked in Sales.

  • I worked in Customer Service.

  • I briefly worked as a Cartoonist.

  • I worked as an Usher in a Movie Theater.

  • I worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer (which was my favorite).

  • And finally, I worked in the Computer Industry as a Computer Programmer/Consultant.


My Lack of Educational Focus


Here’s a summary of my Formal Education (College and University) during a period of over 10 years.

  • First, I studied Architectural Technology to become an Architect... What happened? I dropped out!

  • Next, I studied Accounting to become an Accountant... What happened? I dropped out!

  • Then, I studied Law Enforcement to become a Police Officer... What happened? I dropped out!

  • Finally, I studied Computer Sciences to become a Computer Programmer... What happened? I dropped out!

  • I never graduated from anything after High School.


My First Defining Moment


A Loss that started a Fire.


In my early twenties, I decided to leave home because of differences with my father. I was away for several years until one day, I made up my mind to call him, and work things out. We spoke on the phone and were very excited to put the past behind us. Both of us agreed to get together to catch up; this was like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders because I loved him so much, and that was just what I needed at that point in my life.


The week before my father and I were going to meet for dinner, I got a call at work informing me that he had unexpectedly passed away. I lost my father to a massive heart attack when I was 25. He was only 58. This put into perspective how valuable life is and how important it is to do what you love.


Just after my father had passed away, I decided to start a career in the Computer Industry, mostly because that’s what I enjoyed doing (I know, I’m a geek), and the income for Computer Consultants is “up there”. Although many would argue that it is impossible to become a Computer Consultant without any formal education, I didn’t care what people said. Suddenly, the shy and modest little boy had instantly turned into an unstoppable, confident man. I rolled up my sleeves and started making calls and knocking on doors. I somehow found the strength to believe in myself so strongly that failure was not an option. Within 6 months, I was already a Computer Consultant making 100 thousand dollars per year, with job offers coming in, non-stop.


My First Professional J.O.B.


The first 5 years,

  • I started working as a Computer Consultant at 26.

  • I was earning over $100,000 per year immediately.

  • I was in denial of the stresses because of the money.


10 years in,

  • The high-pressure situations had caught up to me.

  • I would dread waking up every single morning.

  • I was in a constant state of stress.

  • I had officially reached a breaking point.


My Rock Bottom


The Beginning of the End.

  • I turned to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain created by the stress.

  • Substance abuse led to me getting fired from my job.

  • Substance abuse led to me becoming financially broke.

  • Substance abuse led to me being homeless.

  • I went from making $100k per year to being completely broke and homeless within 3 years.


My Second Defining Moment


Advice that Saved my Life.


At 38 years old, I was going to Soup Kitchens to feed myself, basically in survival mode. While at one of the soup kitchens, I met a Volunteer that taught me something that changed my life forever. He taught me how to write and properly use Incantations/Affirmations. Since I had nothing to lose, I decided to take his advice seriously. I took massive action and would repeat my “Money Incantation/Affirmation” hundreds of times daily.


All of a sudden, things started changing fast and I thought it was a coincidence. I stopped doing my Incantations/Affirmations and started actively looking for work, but alas, things stopped moving forward. I then reapplied my “Money Incantation/Affirmation”, except this time, I would say it over 1,000 times daily with extreme passion and conviction like my life depended on it. Within a couple of weeks, I had gotten a construction job with part-time hours. A few weeks after that, I had full-time hours. A few more weeks and I was renting a room. And 3 months later, I got hired as a Computer Programmer again and got myself a Bachelor Apartment.


As I continued to do my “Money Incantation/Affirmation”, my life continued to improve financially. By 40 years old, I was back on top financially, but this time I had a burning desire (as well as a new Super Power of Incantations/Affirmations) to create the life of my dreams. I integrated more “Incantations/Affirmations” into my life for different purposes and swear by them till this day.


My Third Defining Moment


My Introduction to Network Marketing.


While working at my Computer J.O.B., I was aggressively looking for Business Opportunities. Luckily, I stumbled onto Network Marketing/Direct Sales. The idea of selling products or services while building a sales team of my own sounded incredible to me. Also, the fact that I would get residual commissions not only from my sales but from the sales of my entire team, blew my mind.


Since I had “Wellness” experience from working as a Personal Fitness Trainer, I found a company with a premium weight loss product and went to work immediately. I started using the product and lost 20 pounds of unwanted body fat in one month. I then started sharing the product with everyone. People started losing body fat quickly and wanted to share the products with their family and friends. My “Sales Team” was growing more and more, every single day.


Within 6 months of being involved in this new venture, I was earning a residual income of over $10k per month. I immediately quit my J.O.B., and engaged in this new business on a full-time basis.

Joseph Marc Lalonde (The Wealthy Trainer) with Network Marketing Pro - Eric Worre 🤝

Joseph Marc Lalonde (The Wealthy Trainer) with Network Marketing Pro - Eric Worre 🤝


Breaking through a Sticking Point

I was stuck and started Role-Modeling.


Make no mistake, my new life was amazing. I was free from my J.O.B., was working for myself and loved what I was doing. However, I was unable to break through $20k per month no matter how hard I worked. This was frustrating for me because so many others in my exact industry were making $100k per month and none of them looked overworked. Instead of trying to figure out how to break through all by myself, I decided to study the people who were earning $100k per month in this industry. I went into “Study Mode” and immersed myself into Books and Courses by the people who had exactly what I wanted. Tony Robbins refers to this as “Role-Modeling”. I began Role-Modeling full-time and finally found the solution to my sticking point.

Joseph Marc Lalonde (The Wealthy Trainer) with Tony Robbins 🔥

Joseph Marc Lalonde (The Wealthy Trainer) with Tony Robbins 🎤


My Fourth Defining Moment


My Introduction to Online Marketing.


After studying my Role Models through Books, Courses, Webinars and Masterminds, the first common element to their success jumped out at me like a slap in the face (I didn’t notice the second common element quite yet, which happens to be my Fifth Defining Moment). The common element was Online Marketing.


Online Marketing worked for me instantly and almost tripled my income in a one-year period. My days of bugging my friends, family and ex co-workers were done. My days of Cold Calling and approaching strangers in the Vitamin Aisle were also done. I learned to approach people Online, who were interested in what I had to offer. Since I was marketing a Weight Loss product, I learned how to target this specific audience (people who were struggling to lose body fat) with slick Online Marketing strategies.


Once I began mastering my Online Marketing Skills, I could find any target audience and match them up with the perfect products and services for their specific needs. This changed my business dramatically and is one of the most lucrative skills that I possess today. Once I began getting amazing results, people wanted to know how I did it. I was then able to charge Small Business Owners and Public Figures for my Online Marketing Services and Training. Combined, this translated into an annual income of over $250k, with no earning potential limit in sight.


My Fifth Defining Moment


My Introduction to Branding Myself.


This Defining Moment was probably the biggest game-changer for me and has allowed me to truly have no limits on how “big” I want to go. As I hit certain goals, I always assess my situation and create bigger goals. This forces me to find new Role Models to study (Role Models that have exactly what I am trying to attain for my next goal). This is the Second common element that every one of my Role Models had. They had a Personal Brand. A Successful Personal Brand, along with Advanced Online Marketing Skills, was the answer to limitless success and happiness.


I studied what was required to build a Successful Personal Brand and decided to do what was required and step out of my comfort zone. I started filming “Value” videos in my specific niche and publishing them online. Then I would use my Online Marketing Skills to get my content out to my target audience. I then began to build my own audience and promote my Training Products to them. I quickly found that this worked in any niche. In other words, I could take anyone and their passion, and turn them into a Leader in their specific field or passion of choice. Once I created some success stories with some of my clients, things really started to take off. I earned over $400k that year and was helping thousands of people in the process.

Joseph Marc Lalonde (The Wealthy Trainer) on the Nikki Clarke Show 📺


Joseph Marc Lalonde (The Wealthy Trainer) on the Nikki Clarke Show 📺

Where I Stand Today


Now that I find myself living the life of my dreams, I am literally obsessed with two things; Financial Success and Helping Others realize their Dreams through Online Personal Branding.


As I am writing this (at 45 years old), I am earning close to 7-figures per year and am helping more people than I could have imagined through Branding YOUniversity™, my own Online Personal Branding University.

My Personal Brand, The Wealthy Trainer™, is also growing every single day, which allows me to reach more people and change more lives.

The best news is that I am just getting warmed up if you take the big picture into consideration.

I'm also getting better at duplicating my success and helping others transform their lives.

I still can't believe that just 8 years ago, I was homeless, sleeping in parks and stairwells, and literally trying to survive.

I am truly blessed beyond belief.


My Gift to You


The Incantation/Affirmation that Changed Everything.


As I go back on my Journey thus Far, I can’t help but remember the major significance of the day at the Soup Kitchen, when I learned and applied my first Incantation/Affirmation. That day literally changed the direction of my life. If that day hadn’t happened, not only would I not be successful today, but I probably would not be here today. I currently spend an hour each day doing my Affirmations/Incantations. I challenge you to read the following words 20 times every morning as soon as you wake up, and watch what will start happening after 30 consecutive days.


My Money Affirmation


Money comes easily and frequently to me.

Every single day I receive huge amounts of money.

I love money and money loves me.

I am a money magnet. I am a money magnet.

Joseph Marc Lalonde The Wealthy Trainer
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